Saturday, March 23, 2013


Hey there folks, welcome to my blog! I know, I know it does sound a little cliche but the best I was able to manage for now. :P

Never the less, a short introduction first.

Akash Tandon
First Year student from NIT, Surat
Writer by passion

More than enough for now, I think. You will get to know more with time my dear friends! I write out of sheer interest and nothing else. More than anything else, its the passion which drives me. Sharing my emotions and what I observe everyday gives me a kick which no bottle of liquor can!
And I have a lot to share, trust me! I am just a teen afterall and make no mistake, the ordinary teen of today has a lot to say, a hell lot ! I will atleast do my share here and hope for the best after that.

P.S. Thanks for your time!